The answer is no. No fee is required means placing backorders and making bids are completely free of charge. Users should feel free to join our backorder and auction system.

Users using their account for the first time to place a backorder or to bid are required to verify the validity of their credit cards. If you opt to use a credit card as your default payment method, will hold 6000 Yen to verify validity of your credit card and the hold will be released in 7 days. If you opt to use bank transfer as your default payment method, please [contact us] to start your domain backorder or your auction bid. guarantees that your credit card validity verification will be processed in a confidential manner.

Simply enter the domain in one of the search boxes located on the website and click on the Backorder button. Or you can go to Menu Backorder to see the list of domains for backordering and click on the Backorder button. Please note, you must have an account created at and be logged-in in order to place your backorder. If you try to place a backorder when you are not logged in, the system will prompt you to login first.

Please go to Menu Auction, choose the domain you want to bid and click on the Make Bid button.

When successfully secures the domain you backordered and you are the only customer backordering it, you will receive a payment notification email with payment details to complete a payment of 6,000 yen (6,600 yen including tax) so as to officially gain ownership of that domain. You have two payment options:

1. Credit card (gives you almost immediate control of the domain). The amount of payment is automatically charged to your credit card.

2. Bank transfer. [Contact us]with the following information:

Your Name: Client1

Your Email:

Domain: 019568­.COM

Please note that all handling fees for domestic bank transfers are the responsibility of the buyer. For international transfers, a handling fee of 5,000 yen will be added to the total amount to cover inbound bank fees.

When there are two or more users backordering a domain, that domain will be sent to public auction right after it is successfully caught by

A domain auction lasts 10 days and you can join an auction any time during its auction period. When a bid is placed that changes the auction's price during the last 5 minutes, the closing time will be increased by 5 minutes from the time the auction price was updated. The Auction Close Time will continue to be extended by 5-minute increments using this algorithm from the time of the last bid. This extension process will continue indefinitely until the auction price remains unchanged for 5 minutes.

Backorder information will not be shared with any other users of the platform or any of our affiliates. However, if a domain name gets two or more backorders, and the domain is acquired by, it will go into a public auction where your public auction alias will be disclosed, as well as any high bids as they are pertinent information to the auction.

The “High Bidder” in any tie situation is whoever had the bid in the system first, meaning the user who put in a backorder first. If two users both used a 16,000 Yen maximum bid, the person who first placed that bid into the system will win the auction.

A bid increment is the amount over the last valid bid the next bid has to be in order to be accepted by the system. This prevents auctions from going on for an unreasonable amount of time because of non-serious counter bidding. The current bid increment of system is 100 Yen.

No. You can enter a maximum bid (proxy bid) during an auction, and will automatically place bids for you – following the bid increment structure. This process goes on until the auction comes to an end, or your maximum bid is reached.

Yes. You will be notified via email from when you win an auction, when an auction (which you have bid upon) closes, and when you are outbid in an auction. Please note email deliverability is not guaranteed, but we will use reasonably commercial attempts to send you these emails.

At any point in the auction, a submitted bid must be at least one bid increment higher than the current auction value. The system does not accept bids with decimal point.