Domain dropcatching, also known as domain name drop-catching or domain name backordering, is the process of registering a domain name that has expired and is no longer owned by anyone.

When a domain name is not renewed by its owner, it goes through a redemption period during which the original owner can still reclaim it. If the domain name is not reclaimed during this period, it becomes available for registration by anyone. Domain dropcatching is the process of attempting to register an expired domain name as soon as it becomes available for registration.

There are companies and individuals who specialize in domain dropcatching and use specialized software to monitor and attempt to register expiring domain names as soon as they become available. This process can be competitive and often involves bidding against other individuals or companies who are also interested in registering the same domain name.

The main goal of domain dropcatching is to acquire valuable domain names that have expired and are no longer in use, in order to either use them for a new website or sell them for a profit.