There are several ways to find domains that are coming up for dropcatching:

  1. Use a domain auction or marketplace: Many domain auction and marketplace websites, such as provide lists of soon-to-be-expired domains that are available for dropcatching. These websites often allow you to place bids on the domain names before they expire, giving you a chance to acquire the domain name when it becomes available for registration.

  2. Monitor domain expiration dates: You can monitor the expiration dates of domains that you are interested in using a domain expiration tool or service. These tools allow you to search for and monitor domain names by their expiration date, so you can identify domains that are about to expire and become available for dropcatching.

  3. Use a backordering service: Some domain registrars and third-party companies offer backordering services, which allow you to reserve a domain name that is about to expire. If the domain name becomes available for registration, the backordering service will attempt to register the domain name on your behalf.

  4. Check dropped domain lists: Some websites provide lists of domains that have recently dropped and are available for registration. These lists can be a good source of information about domains that are about to become available for dropcatching.

It's important to note that dropcatching can be a competitive process, and there may be multiple individuals or companies vying for the same domain name. Therefore, it's important to have a strategy in place and be prepared to act quickly when a domain name becomes available for registration.